This class from Mara Branscombe is designed to release stress and fatigue, to detoxify the body and balance the hormones you need for a strong immune system.

It was a good practice for while I am in cold-recovery mode. lots of stretching, just a little strengthening, some qi gong & breath of fire thrown in. Nice transition from one pose to the next. A couple of the poses could have used a wee bit longer (pigeon comes to mind) but that’s a minor quibble.

I imagine this would also be useful to do right when starting to come down with a cold, but beyond the thymus tapping there is no real explanation for how this practice supports the immune system. That additional information of Yoga’s deeper benefits to the functioning of our body systems, including the immune system, through asana/breath etc., would be helpful in a practice that is meant to have a specific theme.

Otherwise, this was a nice basic practice, but not especially focused on immunity.



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