This morning I tried the Surya Flow for Awakening Internal Light.

I followed Janet Stone’s class today. She was moving with us through a radiant flowing practice designed to cultivate a strong and steady inner light. Using the potent practices of Dharana, Pranayama, and Asana it is suppose to create a strong center, warming yourself and those around us…

I have to admit, this was such a wonderful class. It was my first class with Janet and I Loved it! The poses, the way they flowed with breath, and words of wisdom shared about our light made this class great. My body did generate some heat and I feel great!

It was wonderful way to start my morning. The pacing and breath work created the heat within. The reminder of the light within and allowing it to flow out naturally to others and the environment was a good reminder for me. One of my favourite classes…

I seriously recommend you to check Janet’s classes:




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